Getting my 2.5lbs Weights!

I've been informed by the folks and Blink fitness - after my numerous suggestions - that I can expect to see 2.5lbs weight plates by mid-august. I want to take credit for the fact that they're getting the plates, but they were probably planning on it anyway. Still, it's good to think that they actually took my suggestions on board. Now if they get a couple more oly bars and a dedicated bench press I'll be super happy.

Aside from that I don't have anything really interested to add. I am planning on making and NPTE practice exam. If that's something you great people think would interest you let me know. I know when I was preparing to write the exam I wanted to get my hands on as many practice exams as possible, but those suckers can be expensive! It'll probably be a long-time in the works, but keep an eye out here for updates. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic first weekend of August. 

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