Muscle and Motion Update

So a couple years ago I wrote a review of the muscle and motion software. You should definitely go give it a read, the program is fan-freaking-tastic. If you're at all interested in functional anatomy then you'll love it. I just wanted to shine some light on recent updates from muscle and motion.

The biggest thing I want to get across is that they are constantly updating the body of work contained in the program. I get an email every month letting me know about the updates that are happening within the program, so there's no way I can be all inclusive. However, here's a small list of some of the updates over the past 2 months:

-  Cable Triceps Extensions
-  Machine Triceps Extensions
-  Lying Leg Curls

-  Core Muscles - short movie
-  Single leg Lateral Raise [Target your proprioceptive system |  Frontal plane VS Scapular plane]
-  Shoulders Combined Raise [Target your lower trapezius]
-  Front Raise [Shoulder impingement syndrome]
-  Decline Crunch [How to Do an Ab Crunch?... ]
-  Examples for training the abdominal muscles
    in their stabilizing function.

Aside from that, the user interface remains about the same as it did from when I reviewed the program at first, which is nice, because I found it to be very user friendly. There are also helpful video tutorials about exercise physiology, developing a workout routine, kinesiology, and more. I strongly encourage any kinesiology or physiotherapy student to purchase it, but give it a trial first to make sure you love it. You can click the link in my left side bar to be taken directly to the free trial download. Or, if scrolling back up is too time consuming, click right here. If you're an educator, you may have the option of getting a discounted full version as well.

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