Running Technique Infographic

This infographic was shared with me by Joe from the foot shop. I liked it. it's pretty. It's informative. I figure, why not share it with you lovely lot. He also shared this link about bare foot running with me.

Front Squats Make Climbing Hard... Netflix is Amazing

It sure has been a while. Who knew that moving to a new city, starting a new job, and having so much daily responsibility would take up all my time? No promises to be made about blogging more frequently, but I'll at least give it a shot.

I've honestly just haven't felt much like blogging about exercise or physical therapy since I moved here. For starters, I didn't join a gym until about a week ago, so I had a bit of a lull there. FYI, do not take three months off from lifting and do front squats the day before you have to climb five flights of stairs repeatedly the next day. Also, I don't know if you're all aware of this, but netflix is friggin' amazing. My wife and I just started Orange is the New Black. If that doesn't distract you from blogging/being productive then nothing will. 

Anyway, aside from all that, the job is going well. Right now I'm working in the school system until at least the end of the school year doing paediatric physical therapy. I will admit, it is not my strongest area. I'm very much a muscle and bones guy. Give me a busted knee and some low back pain, that's my bread-and-butter. The kids thing is fun though, and challenging. Supposedly that's something people want out of their career; to be challenged. I'm not sure if I fall into that vein. I like solving problems, I like diagnostics, but do I like to be challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone with PT? maybe. 

I'll make an effort to have more engaging posts when I think of them. Perhaps when I'm more in the swing of the job and getting back to lifting I'll have more to write about. In the meantime, if you like great pictures of NYC and of a fashionable lady, you should pop over to my wife's blog. she's much more consistent with the whole interwebs than I am. She even tweets, like daily.