Musings After the Move

Yikes, it's been a while. I'm finally getting settled in NYC. Sarah and I have an apartment are are slowly filling it with things, doing some painting, things like that. The job is, well the job hasn't really begun yet. There's been a few things holding me back, like having to get my social security number, banking, paperwork. The company I'm working for is a staffing agency, which means when I do start I'll be bouncing around between different locations and different settings. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand it will give me good experience working with different groups and subgroups of patients, on the other hand I won't be so strongly focused on MSK. 

For example, I was supposed to start with a school on Friday past. It would have been a 2 month contract, since the school year ends in 2 months. I was excited and nervous about this opportunity. I love kids, I've work a lot with kids, but not as a physical therapist. I did my stint in college working as a counsellor at a day camp, I worked with church programs for kids, and I've worked as a sports instructor at The Little Gym. While great experience, they do not really prepare you for being a paediatric physical therapist. Sure, I've treated a couple kids here and there, but never my entire case load. That being said, working with children is one of the most rewarding things you can do, sooooo, two sides of the same coin right?

Anyway, that position ending up falling through because the school board double booked therapists for the school I was supposed to be in and the other guy showed up first, took the caseload, and that's all she wrote about it. Oh well.

So, that's a quick little update on what's going on. My apologies for not providing any content in the last month. It's been busy. I do have some posts planned, but I need to work on them. I'm sure when things become a bit more routine for me around these parts I'll get more consistent again.