Why Aren't You More Skeptical?

I read. a lot. Especially about physical therapy and fitness. I follow quite a few bloggers. My favourites are those that seem grounded in research and experience in the field. I also read some articles that are... well just plain s&*t. That's the problem with the internet.

Anything can be passed off as truth. I implore you all, please do not take anything you read on the internet about fitness or medical advice at face value! Where are the writers drawing their conclusions from? Do they say, "in a scientific study," but never tell you what study? Are they passing along common myths for the sake of drawing readers with article titles like "5 ways to slim your waistline in just 10 minutes?" I do my best with this blog to give facts, based on the evidence that I know is out there. Sometimes this prevents me from posting as often as I would like because I spend a immense amount of time researching for a 500 word article. The reason I do this is because I want everything on here to be grounded in actual facts. I don't write articles just to get readers - although thank you, if you are reading this. I write to share what knowledge I have, and the knowledge of others with you fine folk.

I encourage all of you to research claims that are made to find out the truth for yourself. Did you read somewhere that you can gain 5 pounds of pure muscle in just 6 weeks? research it. go on google scholar and search something about hypertrophy. Read. Think critically about what you read. Ask questions.

If you don't know who to ask then ask me. I'll do everything I can give you an answer about fitness, exercise science, or injury. If I don't know the answer or can't find it through a little independent research then I'll be sure to try to point in the right direction. or at the very lest tell you I don't know.

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