New Job, New City, Same Blog

Hello folks,

In the next couple of weeks there probably won't be a whole lot of activity on this blog. I'm moving to New York City to start a new job, so there will be little time for blogging during the move, apartment hunt, all that fun stuff. I do have a couple posts that will be going up soon, so stayed tuned for those - one from my Ask a Physio section of the blog about thyrotoxic myopathy, mmm science-y. I'll be checking my email and twitter, so if you want to drop me a line please do! In the meantime, here is a funny video for the interwebs. Enjoy!

Why Aren't You More Skeptical?

I read. a lot. Especially about physical therapy and fitness. I follow quite a few bloggers. My favourites are those that seem grounded in research and experience in the field. I also read some articles that are... well just plain s&*t. That's the problem with the internet.