Staying Fit in the Modern World

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As someone who has struggled with my weight for most of my life, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest fitness solutions. I am also a huge fan of technology and have been grateful for the recent boom in mobile tech advancements put forth to help make staying healthy easier. I have found that adjusting lifestyle rather than going on a diet, being ultra restrictive, or becoming an exercise fanatic is the best way to stay healthy, happy, and fit.

And I'm not the only one: as reported by LiveScience, the Journal of the American Medical Association urges for the push to end "diets" as we know them. For weight loss, permanent lifestyle adjustments work far better than fad diets. We're all aware of the major health risks of obesity: according to the American Heart Association, obesity leads to high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease and heart attack, and diabetes. They also define obesity as "having a body mass index (BMI) of 30" and provide a handy BMI calculator so you can check yourself on that.

So if we need to simply modify our lifestyles and then maintain that healthy lifestyle, and we all know the risks and health problems associated with being overweight, what are some things we can do to start those changes?

Let me ask you this: how often do you have your phone with you? All the time, right? Me, too. For me, having my phone on me at all times and checking it often is not what I would consider a major lifestyle change. So what if our mobile phones could help us stay fit?

In recent years, there has been an increase in health and fitness applications. You can download calorie counters, mileage trackers, drink counters, sleep trackers, and even heart monitors to your phone, but the advances are getting even more exciting and integrated. Verizon Wireless writes that the new Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, will come equipped with S Health, which has the following capabilities: "track your steps, challenge friends, earn badges and get on–demand healthy eating advice." They go on to note that "even your heart gets some love with the first–ever built–in heart monitor that checks your heart rate with just the touch of a finger." With this kind of integrated system, keeping track of your health will not only be easy but perhaps even fun, too.

I, for one, am far more likely to eat healthier when I am keeping a log of my diet. I tend to not skip the gym when I have entered it into my schedule or have a friend checking in on me—both features of the S Health system. There is no question that changing our sedentary, fast food-centric lifestyles is difficult. But how much easier would it be if there were a central, integrated way to keep on top of diet and fitness? I look forward to even more fitness-friendly technological advances that are sure to make modern life a little easier to handle!

Author Bio:Sara Upton is a recent college grad living in Southern California and making her way into the online journalism scene primarily through articles on her biggest passions: fitness and tech

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