Friday Favourites

This month has been an odd one for me. I'm still waiting on some paperwork so I can finally get down to the United States to start a new job. In the meantime I've been doing training modules, update resumes, all that fun (nee: dull) stuff. With that being said, I've still had time to enjoy myself a little bit. Here are my favourite things of the past couple of weeks.

1. Bret Contreras: I started reading his blog last week sometime. I've worked back through a few of his articles about form with specific lifts and the like. I very much like his writing style and that he's an expert in the field. I like reading things from people who apply science to their writing. Supposedly he's considered the world's foremost expert on glute training. So ladies (and fellas) if you want those buns of steel, check this guy out.

2. The power clean. This has been my favourite exercise of late. I won't like to you, I'm fairly new to it. I hadn't done a whole lot of olympic lifting in my routines until about 6 months ago. I'm just now getting a better handle on the technique. This is definitely my favourite olympic lift. I just find it fun, and I feel really awesome when I hit a new personal best, more so than other lifts for some reason. Here is a super slow-mo video of the thing.

3. The french press. While this kind of sounds like an exercise, it's actually just the french press for coffee. I love coffee, especially from my french press. I read an article the other day about how all the waste for the disposal kurig K cups can stretch around the world three times. That made me cringe. I do have a kurig in my house, but I tend to use the french press most often. Great coffee, and no waste.

4. This kind of mentality towards weight training for women

So those are my favourite things over the past couple of weeks. I mean I could add in things like the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Raptors. But sports teams are a consistent favourite. Unless it's when they lose to Cleveland (Come on Raps, no Kyrie Irving and you still drop that one?).

What are some of your favourite things over the past few weeks?
How do you enjoy your coffee?

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