Sometimes I Lift, Sometimes I Drink Whisky.

But tonight I lift...

I will admit to you folk. I have been lazy. While living in St. John's for the last year I haven't been as active as I would have liked. I'm getting back into the swing of things lately and hitting the weights and playing some sports again. Like I mention in my last post, I've been using fitocracy to track my workouts. I got to thinking, "hey, I run a fitness blog, so maybe I should talk a bit about my workouts here." Then I agreed myself, congratulated myself on being so very clever and sat down to write this post. Usually at this time of night, when there's a basketball game on the TV, I would be sitting with a glass of whisky on the rocks. I'm out of whisky though, so I'll just blog.

Ok, some my workout. It started off with an hour and a half of volleyball. One time I could say I was a good player. Then I stopped playing for about four years. Now I'm just one of those guys who used to play and can still do a few things... jumping not being one of them.

After volleyball, my wife and I went to the gym. Usually I wouldn't go after volleyball, but I was feeling pretty good. I skipped doing any cardio - the volleyball took care of that. I've been doing olympic lifts and compound exercises almost exclusively. You may or not know my feelings about isolation exercises (I hate them), so I generally don't do them. Tonight I did flat bench press and power cleans. I threw in some deadlifts in between sets of cleans with the weight I already had on the bar. Here is how I structured it.

Bench PressPower CleanDeadlift
125lbs x 875lbs x 875lbs x 8
125lbs x 885lbs x 685lbs x 6
135lbs x 6100lbs x 6100bs x 6
115lbs x 6105lbs x 3105lbs x 3

So there you have it. I wasn't pushing big weights, and as you can see I couldn't hit 6 reps with 105lbs on the power clean. I'll blame that on volleyball. I also hate bench presses. I never did like them and I don't know if it's a mental block with me, but I could never push a lot of weight on it. I may take a video of my power cleans soon. 

Tell me about your work out, what kind of lifts do you like to do. 

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