Guest Post: Ladies, Lift Heavy Things

The following is a guest post by Julie Gannon from Be Simply Strong. Normally I would have a disclaimer on guest posts that says "does not necessarily reflect the views of exercise basics. However, this time I will say that the following definitely does reflect the views.

Over in my little corner of the internet I share my passion for helping people Eat Well, Move Often, and Live Simply. One of the things I love to do is get women to start lifting weights!

As a former recreational runner, I loved training for races but ALWAYS seemed to be fighting off injuries. Strength training was something I did but it was secondary to the almighty "cardio".

Eventually, I found myself having to reduce my running due to health issues and injuries. As a result, I focused my attention on lifting heavy weights. A few weeks later I realized how empowered and strong I felt. I was proud of my naturally broad shoulders. I set goals like doing 1 unassisted pull-up or breaking triple digits on my bench press. And guess what, ladies?! I didn’t get “big”!

Do you know how hard it is to put on muscle? How much you have to eat and train? As women, we have lower testosterone levels than men so it is even more difficult.

Think about bodybuilders or fitness competitors who are “bulky” with tons of big muscles. Think about how much time and effort they dedicate to getting their bodies like that. You lifting weights two or three days a week will absolutely NOT get you the same result. Yet somehow, there is a perception that lifting heavy weights will give you manly muscles. What it will give you is a new shape because the ONLY way to change your shape is through strength training.

If you are a pear shape and lose weight by cardio exercise and diet alone, you will just end up being be a smaller pear. You must lift weights to change your shape!

If you are doing cardio 4 days per week, I challenge you to take two of those days and lift weights instead. It doesn’t have to be complicated or scary!

Keep it simple. Lift heavy weights, walk a lot, and you’ll be simply strong.

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