Canadian versus American Healthcare System - Call For Opinions

In a few weeks I will be moving to New York to start a new job. I haven't worked within the American health care system - since I'm a Canadian trained in the UK. I'm interesting in seeing the difference. I'm wondering if there are any of you out there who read this blog that have an opinion. So this is a call to any physical therapists or other healthcare professionals who have worked in the Canadian and American system. I'd be interested in gathering professional opinions on whether there is a difference in the care that patients receive, quality, timeliness, etc... I'd also be interested to hear how it has affected your career. So if any of you are willing to discuss any of the challenges or successes you've had I would be happy to hear from you. Please email me at or comment below.

2014 Fitness Trends Infographic

This infograpic was sent to me a little while ago and the author was hoping I would share it with my readers. Here it is for you folks. 

Happy Holidays From Exercise Basics

Hello folks. Here's wishing you health and happiness during the new year. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. Stay safe. Here's a little holiday greeting from me and my wife for the holiday season.

Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia Review

A little while back I found an indigogo campaign to support the creation and publication of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia. The creator, Ben Musholt, recently sent me a copy for review, which I am more than happy to do. I received my e-copy in October and here's what I thought.

First off, a little about the author. Ben Musholt is a licensed physical therapist and certified APEX Movement parkour and freerunning coach, who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a lifelong martial artist, and has a background in gymnastics and board sports. Aside from writing 'Mad Skills', he also posts to the websites and

Mad Skills is about using your body. There are over 700 pages of body weight and free weight exercises within it's covers to challenge your hum-drum routine. Hell, there's an entire chapter dedicated to different types of push-ups. If you're a regular follower of my blog then you know that I love the idea of using body weight as resistance. This direct quote from the introduction sums up why this book should be a part of your collection.