What Are Shin Splints - Part 3

So I've talked about nomenclature and causes of shin splints. Now it's time to get into the prevention and treatment of shin splints.


"Running Shoes" by barbourians
As always, prevention is the best medicine. Following some simple guidelines for exercise may help you stave off shin splints. For example, if you're picking up running again for the first time is months/ years or a completely new runner ease yourself into it. Don't go out on your first day and try to run 3km. You'll likely struggle to do it and your body will pay for it later. Learnt to pace yourself and have a progressive exercise routine. With that in mind, always have an adequate warm up and cool down when exercises. this will prepare your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system for the higher-intensity as well as gradual bringing them back to a resting state. Speaking of rest. You need it. Give your muscles time to repair! I know the whole "no pain, no gain" attitude, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body. These are simple things that will help prevent any injury, not just shin splints.