Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm sitting in an airport right now on my way to New York to visit and friend of my from University. Since this is one of the few airports that I've been in I thought I would take advantage and write a short post. I don't really have a topic in mind, just a little ranting I suppose.

First of all let me tell you guys that the past two weeks have been the hottest that I remember in Newfoundland. I played tennis with and old pal last week and the humidity was smothering. It's really important in these situations to stay hydrated. Lots of water and/or a CHO drink such as gatorade. Dehydration not only has the effect of reducing your performance - up to a 7% decrease in VO2 max - but also puts you at an increased risk for injury and heat stroke. This is is definitely a case where the dos equis guy is wrong, don't stay thirsty my friend, get the fluids into you. This is especially important on humid (or if your a Newfoundlander, muggy) day because you sweat more, but cool less!

Since I'm about to get on a plane I thought I'd point you towards a few articles that are pretty interesting reads.

Firstly, a guest post here on my blog about preventing blood clots while flying

The second article comes from the always helpful Mike Reinold. This one is definitely for the more physio-minded of my readers about assess overhead movement in a swimmer. The curious case of the wiggles

For you golfers out there, here is an article from Lindsay at Rants and Rehab about preventing injuries. Tips for golfers

Finally, this one is not physical therapy or fitness related. I'm Canadian, I like hockey. So here's the upcoming schedule for the NHL regular season. Montreal opens the season against Toronto. GO HABS GO!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I know I'll enjoy mine. Cheers!

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