Indiegogo Campaigns You Should Support

Hi Folks,

so by pure coincidence I came upon two indiegogo campaigns in the last couple of days that I think are fantastic. The first one is the Sensoria Smart Socks that I talked about a few days ago. The other is Mad Skills exercise encyclopedia. I think that both will be very useful products so I wanted to share them with you.

If you don't know what indiegogo then I'll give you a short explaination. Basically if a small company or individual needs money to kickstart a product, program, or fundraise for any reason then they can run a indiegogo campaign. The idea is you go to the campaign page and donate money, most people offer some incentive for different levels of donation, such as a t-shirt for a smaller donation or a free product for a higher one. It all depends on the campaign.

I'd like for you to follow these links to the campaigns of the respective products and at least give it a quick read. I've embedded the videos explaining the products below for you and here are the links to the campaigns.

Sensoria Smart Socks Campaign

Mad Skills Exercise  Encyclopedia Campaign

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