Guest Post: How To Guarantee The Best Results From Fitness Programs

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What is the difference between a popular star’s body and your body? A personal trainer — using one tough fitness program. The combination of these two can whip any body into shape, from previously pregnant women trying to lose the baby weight in record time for some red carpet premiere to skinny men looking to gain washboard abs and Greek god strength in a couple of months. You, too, can achieve your own personal fitness goal. Here are some recommended approaches to help you maximize results from fitness programs.

Look before you leap. First, you will want to evaluate your fitness level. Doing this will help you determine the kind of fitness routines your body can take on and let you measure your progress. You will want to assess your flexibility, aerobic fitness, and body composition. So do a practice run or walk and see how far you are able to get without running out of breath or tiring out. Also, weigh yourself or find out about your BMI (Body Mass Index), as there will be a normal weight for a specific height.

Once you figure out your fitness level, you will be able to choose the type of program you can take on.

Train by design. Every body will be different, which means not all results will be the same for everyone, even though two people might take on the same fitness program. So what you need to do is pick out a gym that offers the services of a personal trainer who can design a program aimed at delivering your fitness goals.

Your personal trainer may combine running with strength training or integrate other routines like boxing with circuit training. Tailoring a fitness program will give more variety with routines while enabling you to target areas in your body that need improvement.

Pencil it in. Sometimes you need to see what your goals are in order to work harder at achieving them. So do not just think about it in your head, write it down. Consider it as a fitness to-do list with goals. For instance, you could put down one hour of running in the morning for two weeks plus one hour of boxing thrice a week for building strength, muscle mass, and flexibility. Make sure you indicate a “deadline” so that you never falter in achieving your goals.

Creativity kills the fat. The failure of some exercise routines is they become too much of a routine that you eventually get bored out of your skull. Boredom can lead to laziness. Laziness will encourage fat build up in your body. So get creative with your personal training fitness programs.

If running has lost its appeal, try weekend trail runs instead. If aerobic classes have become droll, go salsa dancing at night. If weight training seems to put you to sleep, consider rowing at a lake every morning. New and exciting activities will prevent you from losing motivation and allow you to meet your fitness goals and help you achieve the best results.

About the Author: Chelsea Sawyer is a nurse and a certified health coach who has been helping many people in changing their behaviors to keep them focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. She has great passion for writing; hence her hobbies include writing and sharing helpful techniques on topics like losing weight, achieving a healthy lifestyle through physical activities; and living healthy through proper diet and way of eating. She recommends for the best fitness resource for achieving fitness goals.

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