The Fat Burning Zone

Have you ever been on a treadmill and saw a chart that had something to do with the fat burning zone, or heard fitness professionals tell you that working at a low-moderate intensity burns more fat that working at a higher intensity? This is one of the true gimmicks of the fitness industry, and I'll explain why.

The reason that there is a "fat burning zone" is because of relativity. When you exercise at a low-moderate intensity a larger percentage of the calories you burn will come from fats than other substrates. However, working at a higher intensity will still burn more total fats than will moderate intensity because, even though a lower percentage of the calories burned will come from fats, calories are being burned at a higher rate. Still confused? let me do a little math for you. Please bear in mind that the below figures are rough estimates. you may find research out there that says moderate intensities burn 24% fat and higher intensities burn 15%. Typically, these lower numbers will be referring to free fatty acids. There is also an apparent difference in whether you're running or cycling, and also whether you're male or female, but I think that may be a topic for another post. So, without further ado, the general premise:

A moderate intensity exercise will burn approximately 50% of its calories from fats
A high intensity exercise will use approximately 40% of its calories from fats.

So let's say that you work out at a low/moderate intensity for 20mins, burning 150 calories. The math tells of that total calories from fats will be:

150 x 50% = 75calories.

Now, let's take that same 20mins at a high intensity, burning 220 calories.

220 X 40% = 88calories

There you have it. The higher intensity, while burning less calories from fat relatively actually burns more total calories from fat absolutely. 


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