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I've been doing this blogging thing for about a year now (consistently) and I realize that I haven't really shared a whole lot about who I am. I do have an about page, but it's pretty basic and doesn't really let you know... well it doesn't let you know a great deal about me. Yes it tells you my qualifications  where I'm from, and that I'm married  - but that's the bare bones.  I thought it was about time that I share will you fine folks on the internet a little bit more about myself.

First of my name is Brandon Goulding, and this is what I look like on a good day

This is what I look like on a bad day

I grew up in a small town in newfoundland. For those of you who don't know where Newfoundland is it's here:

It's a fantastic place to grow up. During my childhood I spent my time catching rabbits, swimming, riding my bike and playing every sport that was offered, except hockey. I know, I know. I'm Canadian so I must play hockey. I tried, I sucked, I moved on. What I did excel at though was basketball and volleyball. During high school I had a huge interest in the sciences... and gym class. This lead me down the eventual path of kinesiology.

I basically wanted to be involved in sports and the science behind it, so that's why I chose kinesiology for my undergraduate degree, which I completed at the Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador - more affectionately known as MUN. Let me tell you I had some great years at MUN, some very influential profs, got my spark in exercise therapy, and met my wonderful wife.

When we graduated from MUN, Sarah and I moved to Halifax where I worked as a clinical kinesiologist/trainer. It's basically here that I really became interested in physiotherapy as a career choice. The physical therapy team that I worked with was fantastic. Sarah and I moved back to St. John's after a year in Halifax and I worked for a while as a personal trainer, but my main interest was still in physical therapy. I applied to a few schools and eventually landed on Robert Gordon University. I started my masters there in January of 2011 and finished in January 2013.

So that's basically my path to physical therapy in a nutshell. Other than that here are a few things you need to know about me.

1. I'm of the belief that fitness is for function. By that I mean that I don't hold a lot of stock in spending hour upon hour in a gym working out just to get bigger and more tone. I feel that everyone should attain a level of fitness that improves their health and makes activities of daily living easier. Everything else is just a bonus really.

2. I don't particularly like isolation exercise, except for rehab and stabilization purpose (rotator cuff for example). I don't really have anything against doing them, I just like to better utilize my time exercising and be more functional, that's why I feel compound exercises are king.

3. I love my wife. This should probably be number 1. We've had ups and downs, yelled at each other and argued about little things, but we also share a love for the Montreal Canadiens, great movies, music, photography and travelling. I love her for her stubbornness  and fire, no matter how much I tell her otherwise.

4. I play guitar. I actually was planning on making this blog all about guitar  at one point, then I thought  it would be clever to name the blog Exercise BASSics and make it about exercises and music. I eventually realized that I know a great deal more about health and fitness that I do about playing the guitar, so I went with Exercise Basics.

That's about it I guess. I'm sorry if that got a little wordy. So if you like you this and like who I am then I encourage you to follow me, comment on my posts, email me, write me a poem, draw me a picture... whatever tickles your fancy. I just want you guys to understand that Exercise Basics isn't just a brand or a ploy at getting readers. I'm a real person who genuinely enjoys exercise science and physical therapy. I like writing about it and feel good about sharing information that i think is helpful to readers.

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