Happy Easter From Exercise Basics!

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Happy Easter everyone.

I'm spending Easter in my hometown and stuffing my face with an assortment of delicious food. I hope all of you get to do likewise.

A while back I had a guest post about how to follow through with your New Year's resolutions. By now you've all either done that or failed to follow through. If you were able to keep to your resolution then congrats! If you weren't why not use easter a a reset button? After all, Easter is a time of rebirth.

Also, you may have noticed the new blog layout. I'm sorry for all the changes over the last little while. I promise that all the major changes that I've wanted to make are done now. All that's left is a little tweaking, which you won't really see. I've also registered my domain name as exercisebasics.net, so if you have exercisebasics.blogspot.com bookmarked, now is a good time to switch it. You'll still be redirected to the right page if you use the .blogspot domain though.

So, HAPPY EASTER. Spend some time with your family, eat good food, go to church (if that's your thing), and if you're in newfoundland have a snowball fight or something. Seriously, snowstorms be crazy.

PS. ignore the random numbers and letters below. it's for a technorati thing.


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