Guest Post: 10 Effective Ways to Prevent Weight Gain

The Following is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the views of exercise basics.

Contrary to popular belief, steering clear of weight gain is really only about 50% concerted effort with the remaining 50% being simple common sense. So with this in mind, the following in a run-down of ten of the most effective and simple ways of preventing weight gain in the course of everyday life.

1. Moderation – Excess and binging are never good ideas as even if you only get carried away once every now and again, your metabolism will throw a wobbly and send the scales in the wrong direction. This is a prime example of a common sense tip for those watching their weight.

2. Consistency – A little like the above, consistency is perhaps the number-one key to weight control which means finding a routine and sticking to it. And remember – missing meals can be even worse than eating too much!

3. Little Touches – Thousands of our weekly calories come from the “crisp here” and “nibble there” way of eating as for some reason we don’t seem to think these calories count. Long story short, they really do.

4. Fibre – Without putting too fine a point on it, what goes in must come out and it demands a good amount of fibre to keep things ‘moving’ as they should. Too little fibre and things inevitably become blocked and lead to piling on of weight like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Hydration – Essential to help fibre do its job and the rest of the body besides – never underestimate the importance of drinking loads of water when looking to keep weight to a sensible level.

6. Exercise – You don’t need the best personal trainer to tell you that exercise is key when it comes to weight control, but you also don’t have to punish yourself with high-impact torture. Again, it’s just a case of common sense, consistency and keeping moving.

7. Alcohol / Tobacco – Pretty much any and all such substances of a similar nature have a detrimental effect on the way your body works and prevent it from reaching optimum efficiency. No matter which way you look at it, cigarettes and booze are bad for weight control…period.

8. Journal – An excellent tip all-too often overlooked is the keeping of a diary, which quickly becomes second nature. In short, those that actually see on paper what they are putting in their bodies are vastly more likely to control what they eat and make adjustments where necessary.

9. Supplements – The body cannot perform its natural processes with peak efficiency unless it is provided with the optimum level of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. If in doubt that said vitamins and minerals are being taken in every day, be sure to incorporate the necessary supplements in order to compensate.

10. Read the Label – Last but not least, the overwhelming majority of people across the UK eat and drink their chosen products having only made the vaguest of assumptions as to what they actually contain. Needless to say, the truth can often be horrifying – always read the label and find out for sure exactly what is going in!

By Frank White Frank White works with a team of the finest personal trainers in Newcastle and specialises in realistic and workable approaches to weight loss. He shares a home with his wife of seven years and his two young sons.

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