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You may have noticed a lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. I can tell you that you can expect that to continue probably for another couple of weeks at least. There's been a personal tragedy in my family and all other projects are put on the back-burner for now.

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FITT Principle

It's been a while since I've had original content of my own here. I thought I'd ease back into it with a short post about the FITT principle. The FITT principle should be a cornerstone of how your workout should be structured and any personal trainer will likely design programs following it.

F - Frequency. This is simply how often you're going to perform your routine.
I - Intensity. How hard you're going to be working
T - Time. How long your workout will be
T - Type. What kind of exercise are you doing.

This can be use in macro to design your routine for a week and then used in micro to structure individual exercises. Here's an example of how you can use FITT to design a strength training routine for a week.


F: 4 days per week
I: Moderate
T: 45 minutes
T: Strength training

I80% 1RM80% 1RM80% 1RM80% 1RM
TUpper Body Push
Bench Press
Shoulder Bress
Triceps Dips
Lower Body Pull
Supine Hamstring Curl with Gym Ball
Dead Lifts
Single Leg Roman Dead Lift
Upper Body Pull
Lat Pull-Down
Seated Rows
Upright Row
Lower Body Push
Calf Raises
Seat Knee Extensions

You can then take each individual exercise and apply the FITT principle as below.

F3 sets
I6-8 reps max
T30-40 seconds activity
3 minute rest
TBench Press

In the above micro split, the Time is determine by the tempo and work to rest ratio for strength training.
tempo for strength training is typical 2-1-2 (2 seconds eccentric , 1 second pause, 2 concentric). Work to rest ratio for strength training is about 1:5, so 30-40secs:150-200seconds.

That's basically it. Use the FITT principle to help design your workouts.

How do you design your workouts? let me know in the comments.