Get Out There and Vote!

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I am not American, therefor I do not have the right to vote in America (obviously right?). In lieu of this I urge any of you that read this on a regular basis to get out and vote. You guys have the opportunity to help shape the future of the USA for the next four years and beyond.

I know who I would vote for if I had the opportunity and I know why I would do so. I plan on moving to the USA in the next year to practice physiotherapy. Because of this I very much want the POTUS to be the man I would vote for. I would vote for Barak Obama. I would do so because I like his the direction he's going with healthcare. I would do so because I like his policies ie: oil. I would do this because Romney confuses me and doesn't seem like an actual human being.

I'm not a political blogger. I am, however, well informed and I do care about what happens in the US elections because it not only affects Americans, it affects Canadians, it affects the world.  I'm not going to try to analyze platforms here, because I honestly don't know how to do that in writing. For that I'll point you towards more relevant sources:

Listen, whether you vote for Obama or Romney, just vote. Be happy that you have the right to do so. Be happy that you live in a democracy.

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