slowly getting back into the swing of things

Hi folks,

I know I keep saying that I'll get back to the regularly scheduled blogging soon and not too much has availed yet. I do have one more guest post line up and will soon be reviewing a product. I'm busy finishing my thesis for my masters. If any of y'all are interested it's a systematic review on the efficacy of eccentric exercise in the treatment of achilles tendinopathy. When I'm finished I may post it up here, depending on whether or not I'm allowed to do so from the university.  I'll warn you now, it promises to be very wordy and not exactly a light read. It is really interesting though.

The due date for the thesis is October 30th. Then I have 2 weeks before starting my final clinical placement. So it looks like I'll actually have some more time to dedicate to the blog, which is nice. I much prefer writing here for pleasure than researching and writing reviews for university. The end is nye though. stick with me folks.

For now I'll share one of my favourite videos. It's a this hour has 22 minutes skit featuring mark critch of newfoundland. Newfoundlanders will appreciate this, Canadians will - hopefully - understand it, and the rest of you will enjoy it because of its hilarity and overall awesomeness. Sorry, nothing exercise or physiotherapy related in the video.

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