the long and winding road

Hello blogland,

you may have noticed a lack of original content on my behalf and a few guestposts in the last couple of weeks. I feel like I should explain, or at least partly.

Over the summer there was a death in my family. It's not something I really want to talk about on my blog, or at least not right now. However, because of this I've had to fly home from the UK to Canada. I've been splitting my time while back between my hometown, my wife's hometown, and my university town. I've also had to fly back to the UK to get all my stuff and move home, all the while completing university coursework and preparing for my final placement as a physiotherapy student. Anyway, because of all of this I've not been able to write anything on my own. I've not actually felt like writing anything either, sort of lost my motivation for a little while there. I will be posting original content again, but for now you'll mostly see a few more guestposts until I can get settled again. I appreciate any of you who continue to follow me.

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