I Can See Clearly Now

Hello interwebbers,

As any of you who are my regular readers know, I'm a master of physiotherapy student. I'm currently in a rotation in a stroke unit. Today I had a patient who had suffered a right TAC (Totally Anterior Circulation Stroke) a few months ago. Prior to the stroke he had been blind in his left eye for about six years. Today when he was in treatment with me he told me that on Saturday he woke up and was able to see out of his eye! Isn't that fascinating. He spontaneously regain sight. I was dumbstruck, I mean absolutely flabbergasted. I mean I can come up with a theory about why this happened perhaps fine evidence of this having happened before, but to me it's a miracle. Seriously folks, it was amazing.

Iris - left eye of a girl
Have any of you had similar experiences, where something completely unexpected happened that you couldn't really wrap your head around?

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  1. It is amazing. Something similar happened to a friend of mine. He is basically blind. I think he's down to 10% vision or something...also from a stroke. He woke up a 2:00a.m. one morning and his vision was perfect! He is a movie buff so he ran and watched his old favorite movies for several hours before falling asleep again. When he woke up on the couch his vision had gone back to the 10% again.
    But it came back...so something is weird or amazing.