Don't Make Yourself Look Like a Gorrila

Gorilla gorilla gorilla 01Hi folks,

I'd like to raise a small issue here about muscle imbalances. I won't go to far into depth about it right now, but here we go.

Why do so many people (read: men) do four or five exercises a day for their chest but do one, maybe two for their upper back?  You guys are going to end up looking like gorillas if you get doing that because you're going cause your scapula to protract (winged shoulder blande) and internal rotation of your arm.

Here's the deal, I have no problems if you want to do flat bench, incline bench, flys, and cable crossovers one day (actually I do, if you want to know them let me know in the comments) as long as the next day you balance those exercise out for your back! I know, I know, you want that shirt to fit nice and tight and have everyone comment about your pecs. That praise won't count for a whole lot when you have shoulder blades popping off your back, a subluxed shoulder and not be able to reach behind you to put on your seatbelt.

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