Sciatica - Introduction

How many of you in your life, at one point or another, have had low back pain? How many that have had low back pain have had sciatica? How many of you really understand what sciatica is? In the next few articles,  I hope to answer A few questions about sciatica.

I will be using sciatica as a blanket term for: nerve root pain, nerve root entrapment, nerve root irritation, radiculopathy, and lumbrosacral radicular syndrome all of which try to better describe the condition.

First we'll start with the anatomy of sciatica. I feel it's essential in understanding just what sciatica is. I'll then move on to the causes and symptoms of sciatica - did you know that pain in the leg is not the only symptom of sciatca? Finally, I'll end with what to do if you are having sciatic pain.

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I'll be posting these in daily instalments. tune in tomorrow for Part 1.

Also, feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or head over to my forum where I just started a thread about sciatica for discussion.

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