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I thought that while I'm getting some other posts together and writing oen of the last essays of my university career i would point you guys toward some other great bloggers out there. These are people that I read regularly and who influence me in some way.

Exerci5e - Exerci5e is actually was started by Luke Johnson of London in 2011. It's a company that offers a range of fitness classes and personal training to people in South East London. I stumbled across them through mutual twitter contacts and got pointed towards the blog run on the website. It has great, practical advice, tips, and stories. Definitely worth a read, and if you're in London, take advantage of the services they offer.

HealthHabits - I'm surprise it took me so long to come across this amazing health blog. It was started by Doug Robb of Toronto (Go Canada!). It is perhaps one of the biggest health and fitness blogs I've seen. In connection with HealthHive media, HealthHabits has a huge collection of articles written by a true professional.

Fitting It All In - This wonderful blog by Clare provides a unique perspective. While most of the blogs I read are more science based, Clare is able to personalize her blog and provide insight from the view of a person who has went through having anorexia and turned their life around. She not only blogs about fitness, but also has nice posts about daily outfits, recipes, and life in general.

Mike Reinold - For the physiotherapist inside me, Mike Reinold is an inspiration. His blog contains concise, clear, well written articles from topics ranging form weight loss to SLAP lesions. He also has a great collection of resources available. If you subscribe to his site you get 3 free gifts as well. Who can argue with that really?

So there you have it folks. 4 of the exercise bloggers than influence me most. Give all these guys (and gal) and read and follow them if you like them.

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Have a good day all!

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