Experience Wins Out

Hi folks,

it's not often that I write a personal post on here, but I thought I'd give it a go to reflect on something that happened over the weekend.

I was volunteering yesterday at the Baker Hughes 10K run here in Aberdeen. It was a huge event, with about 4500 runners. Myself and about 15 people from my class volunteered to do sports massage before and following the run. It was a great success and I got to talk to some really cool people. What I wan to reflect on was one runner in particular who had come to me after the race.

She came for the massage complaining of her quads being tight - as they would be after 10k. I got her unto the plinth and started the massage and noticed her IT was extremely tight, so I put on my physio hat and gave her some advice about stretches and using a foam roller, but while she was there I said I'd try to work it out for her. I must have massage it for about 10 minutes and really wasn't getting anywhere with it, so I asked one of the senior physiotherapist to come over and have a look.

Within about 2 minutes the physio assessed the runner, flipped her onto her stomach and dug an elbow into her butt and released the tight IT band. Later the physio told me after that it the piriformis was in spasm and she did a trigger point to release it. Needless to say, I was humbled.

Sometimes I forget that no matter how much I learn as a physiotherapy student it's the experience of years in the field that will allow to work at such a high skill level. it definitely gave me something to strive for.

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