March Madness - Exercise Basics Sweet 16

So, after 48 games I've landed myself third out of my classmates with 31 points. I think I'm in pretty good shape overall. My biggest downfall now is that I had Duke going to the finals, so I'm automatically out that many points now. Here's how my bracket is looking going into this week's games.
I'll get back to more regular/relevant posting once march madness is over. I've been making minor tweaks to the blog, trying to make it more user friendly. Keep an eye on the sidebar for more changes. Also, if you are a reader then please subscribe, follow me on twitter, comment. I'd love to hear from any and all of you. I've created a facebook page for any of you who would rather see updates through that medium. Click here for the link.

I'm away to Glasgow tomorrow with my lovely wife for a couple of days to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Crazy bus right?

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