Gym Jargon - A list of common phrases in the gym

If you've spent any time in a gym or around a fitness trainer then you've probably heard people say some ridiculous things. some of the terminology is pretty funny. Here is a list of some of the most common things you'll hear, and what they mean.

Bar bending

  1. Feel the burn - Refers to the burning feeling you feel in your muscles when they are close to fatigue. May also be looked at as your burning desire to quit exercises.
  2. Can you give me a spot? - Usually people will ask this when their doing a bench press. Basically they're asking you to save them from crushing themselves.
  3. It's all you - This is what the spotter says to the spottee to encourage them to keep pushing. It may be used as follows, "come on, push! push! it's all you bro, it's all you." If you're the spotter you know that it's actually all you.
  4. Can I work in? - Typically means, "are you finished with those weights/machine, because I'd like to use it." May also mean, "We're share the weights/machine and I'll sweat all over the bench."
  5. Getting cut - trimming the fat. Synonymous with toning. 
  6. Bulking up - Usually the skinny guys with the protein shakes say this. They mean they're trying to put on muscle weight.
What is some of your favourite gym jargon?

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