Lent - What are you giving up?

Lent is a time of year where you get a chance to sacrifice something and rest assured that others are doing the same. It doesn't matter if you're religious or not you can still make it a time of year when you can make a change. For some it can be the start of a permanent change, for others a time to test your own will power. Whatever your reason for celebrating lent, I encourage you to stick with your goal and make those 40 days count. Here are a three suggestions of things to give up for lent.

Milk Chocolate - This is probably one of the most common sacrifices people make this time of year. It seems that chocolate is almost everyone's vice. At upwards of 500 calories per 100g it actually makes a lot of sense. Remember to not over-indulge on that sunday though.

Riding the Elevator at work - I thought this would be a good idea for those of you working in office buildings. Ok, so if you work on the twentieth floor than maybe this isn't the most practical idea. but it's well work thinking about. Just think, climbing one flight of stairs (up and down) burns about four or five calories, doesn't sound like much, but climb 10 flights three times a day and burned 120-150 calories right there. do that five times a week and you'll burn 600-750 calories.
Soda - This is one that I've done in the past. I'll admit it was hard because I LOVE soda. but, it really is a good one to sacrifice. Let's say you drink 1 can of soda a day - you'll save yourself 850 calories assuming you drink a can on Sunday.

I wish you all well during lent. I'd be curious to know what everyone is doing for lent. 

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