The Snail

So, you may be wondering why there's a snail in my heading when I claim that this blog is about exercise and music. I could come up with a witty joke (actually, I probably couldn't, I have perhaps the driest sense of humour in the world), but I figure I'll just go with the boring truth.

Way back in the mystical time that was 2009 I started this blog. I was bored, I liked the internet, and I thought that blogging would be my first step towards conquering it (I hear that Steve Jobs is the final boss, and when you beat him you get a free copy of the yet to be release OS Liger). So I spent hours trying to figure it out, reading different peoples blogs, playing around with the layout, and basically just wasting as much time as I could because I'm a giant child. Anyway, I didn't really have a name for the blog, but I always used song lyrics as my the title for my posts, so I thought why not use a song for my blog. I guess my favourite song a the time was Snails by the format, so I named my blog "Snails See the Benefits." So there you have it, the totally lame reason why there's a snail in my header. I've just realized that by the time anyone actually reads this I will have probably changed that snail into something else...... but probably not, who has the time really?

Since then I've tried to reinvent the blog and make it more focused on two things I know a little bit about, but I've been too lazy to change the header. I'm not sure if the name is quite right yet anyway, but I don't want to keep changing it because I'm confusing google. It crawls over me one week and the next week, bam! I've disappeared.

Oh, on a side note: Sarah and I are going on our honeymoon tomorrow, and as such I will be sans internet for about two weeks. We're going to Barcelona and Marrakech. check out the ladies blog in the near future for an update and some snazzy photos of our trip.

Update: Coincidentally, Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of apple, I guess someone has conquered the internet before me. Damn.

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