The Times They Are A Changin'

So I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. I've tried to keep a little theme going with the guitar tips, but I'm not sure how much more I can share, and honestly there's more compelling bloggers out there than myself on the subject. I will still try to impart some nuggets of wisdom from time to time, but I don't know if I want that to be the focal point of the blog. I'm thinking that I should put my degree to good use and start writing about health/fitness, exercise, the human body, etc... I would like to make it an questions and answers type blog, but with a small following that would seem futile. Although if anyone who reads this does have questions about exercise (technique, tempo, physiology, or whatever) I will gladly answer what I can.

If anyone has any suggestions or topics they would like me to cover then by all means let me know. For now I'll just keep on keepin' on.


  1. I think the healthy living focus sounds like a good idea.

    I'm thinking of changing the direction of my blog a little bit as well. Too bad I rarely get a chance to make posts in the first place!

    I'll ask the first question though:

    Is a half hour of exercise (e.g. a brisk walk) about 3 or 4 days out of a week enough?

    I hope you'll say yes, but have a feeling you'll say no. hehe :)

  2. I will answer your question with a yes and a no. With regards to reducing your risk of cardiac disease a big yes.

    According to Manson et al. in the article "Walking Compared with Vigorous Exercise for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Women," women who accumulated at least two and a half hours of exercise, in particular brisk walking, had a 30% reduction of developing or being susceptible to cardiac complications (i.e. stroke, coronary heart disease).

    now, that being said, you should include resistance training at least two days a week. The reasoning behind this is can be seen in numerous studies. Braith and Stewart state that "Adults who do not perform regular RT lose approximately 0.46 kg of muscle per annum from the fifth decade on." Resistance training has also been shown to reduce to risk of developing osteoporosis, as well as decrease the risk of of injury (strain, sprain, fracture) in day to day life.

    So yes, a half hour of exercise 3 to 4 days a week is enough to reduce the risk of cardiac disease, but it should be coupled with some weight bearing activity as well. I will concede that activities around the house such as cleaning, walking up and down steps, carrying loads of laundry, or gardening can be a somewhat suitable substitute on most days. I hope that answers your question. Was I too broad? let me know.

  3. Nope! Perf! You even used references. I'm impressed. haha.