People are Talking, Talking 'Bout People

Hello blogland. This is my first post in about 1/2 a year. How have you been? Things are exciting on my end. I'm moving to Scotland in a few months to do my Masters in physiotherapy, I'm getting married in March, and I'm back in St. John's. Life is good. Life is busy. Life is scary (sometimes).

Right now I don't want to talk about all that. I want to talk about "people serving people." That's the slogan for service Canada. I have never had a good experience with service Canada. I've never felt as though there was a compassionate person on the other end of the line who was happy to serve me. I have felt belittled, aggravated, and patronized. Never have I called in to ask the status of my claim and had the agent give me an answer other than "they are working on it" or "it's under investigation." Never when I asked for a time frame was I given an answer other than "I can't say" or "They should call you in a couple days." When they don't call me in a couple days and I call them again I get the same spiel about call back in two days, we'll request that a supervisor get involved, etc, etc...

I applied for EI back in July when I left Halifax to come home. I was denied because my ROE said returning to school instead of shortage of work. Easy fix, I got my former employer to reissue an ROE that said shortage of work in it. I applied again on August 11. EI is supposed to notify you within 28 days of their decision or if further investigation is need, funny thing is no one has call. I have called repeatedly and got the aforementioned responses above, among others. No one seems to be able to tell me what is happening or why it is taking so long for them to get things worked out. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? Not in particular with service Canada, but with anything. I'm appalled at the lack of respect that they have for people. The people they are serving. Short of contacting my MP, I don't know what to do about this situation. If anyone has suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

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