Shot To The Heart

You'd think as a 22 year old kinesiologist that I'd be in tip top shape. Granted, I haven't been as active since I left high school and school sports, but I thought I was still decently fit. Apparently not. I played basketball last night for the first time in months and today I feel as though I was hit by a truck. My legs are sore and weak, my back is tight and I have a pain below my ribcage from taking a knee in the chest. It was great fun though. I can't shoot as well as  I used to and my ball handling skills feel rusty, but after a couple of games I got into it. I really need to get in a bit better shape if I'm going to be playing with this guys regularly though and perhaps purchase some new basketball shoes.

I'm so happy tomorrow is Saturday. I want to sleep in, eat pancakes and just lounge around the house with my lovely lady. I might even do something productive like a load of laundry, but I'll play it by ear.

Right now is another excruciatingly slow day at work. This week has been busier than the last couple though, and next week has the potential to be mildly busy.

That's my rant for today. I think I will start putting more pictures in my blog in the future, I have a feeling that my page looks kinda plain/dull. Anyway, cheers!

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  1. I'm sure you're not that out of shape... I'd suggest you tried having a baby, but for obvious reasons, you'll never have to suffer that kind of fate to your body.. it's worth being made into an horror movie.