Oh My Darlin' Clementine

As promised here is a feature post on one of my guitars. This post is for Clemie (Clementine). Clemie is a Garrison AG-500-CE. Although Garrison guitars were founded and originally built in Newfoundland the AG series is built in China. I'm assuming that's to reduce production costs. Garrison was actually bought by gibson in 2007. I bought Clemie the summer of 2006 with my first paycheck from Canadian Tire, so she has probably the most sentimental value out of all of my guitars because I bought it with my own hard earned cash. I played Clemie in Chi Alpha many a night.

Solid Cedar Top
Sycamore Back and Body
Nato Neck Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Griffiths Active Top Brace (fiberglass)
Diecast chrome tuners
Sycamore veneer headstock

The pic on the bottom middle is of a gouge in the neck from one of the many times I've dropped her. It's funny, I used to be so protective over my guitars. Eventually I just realized that some dings are inevitable and that they actually add character.

I just put brand new strings on her, hence all the loops in the headstock photo. I always use  elixer light nanoweb strings for this guitar. There super comfy, slick, and they last longer than most strings. I really like the action on Clemie, it's low and fast. The guys at Griffith's Guitar Works in St. John's did an amazing job setting her up. Great playability and a crisp sound. I really like the cutaway. My other acoustic (Winnie) is a cutaway as well. Clemie gives me better access to frets 12-17 than Winnie does though, making soloing a lot easier.

So that's Clemie in a nutshell. Next up Hughie, who is Clemie's husband. Cheers.

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