Drop It Like It's Hot

Here's an unusual comment about our apartment: It's a friggin' sauna here tonight. I'm not entirely sure if this is a welcomed changed from the toe-numbing cold that the apartment has been lately, but I feel like I should be wearing a grass skirt and roasting a pig. The heat kind of caught Sarah and I off guard since it's usually so cold here we always have the radiator up (here's some newf for you) "whatever she can suffer." Because of that by the time it was scorch the hair of your chest hot it was too late. I've turned the radiator down, but the one in the bathroom doesn't turn down because the knob is stuck so it's always on all the way. Of course this would be the one night when the heat stays on rather then coming on intermittently. Oh what I wouldn't give for a little consistency with this run-down building of ours. I long for the day that we can use the microwave without worrying that the power in our unit will go out, a bathroom with outlets, a kitchen with counter space, and a living room big enough so that I can actually recline in my chair. 

Towards the middle/end of May I will know whether or not I got into physiotherapy school and, if I did get in, where. At that point we will start looking for a new place. Rest assured we will be doing our research to get a decent spot. Like a place with a shower that doesn't take 5 minutes to get hot. 

On a more pleasant note, I don't hate Halifax as much anymore. It's still not St. John's, but no where is. This might have something to do with the prospect of playing basketball a couple times a month with a guy who volunteers at my work and my friend Kristin's boyfriend. This makes me very happy. I haven't touched a basketball in like six months. I'm in pretty bad shape now though, so hopefully these guys aren't super elite players or anything. Cheers.

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