Basketball Jones

Round two of my reintegration to basketball starts tonight. I'm set to play another pick-up game tonight at 7:30. I've been looking forward to it all night and thinking about how to go about this without spending the weekend as a big  bag of soreness. I borrowed some tuff-skin adhesive spray from work to spray the soles of my sneaks with for a little bit of grip. Hopefully in helps out. A lot of athletes at the Tae Kwon Do championship I volunteered at a couple of weeks back came to us asking to use in on their feet. That's where I got the idea to try it out.

This weekend Sarah and I are flying to Toronto for the John Mayer concert. I'm super excited. We're staying with my family up there, so it should be a good time all around. Sarah hasn't really met most of my family from my mom's side. This will be a chance for her to meet some of my kin. My crazy, crazy, kin. Short entry today eh? Cheers.

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