I Feel It All, I Feel It All

So today was a pretty slow dat at work and on slow days I read news articles. You know what I came to realize today? (Well, I suppose I realized it before today, but am just now formulating an opinion). Some people are way to sensitive. I don't mean like sensitive as in crying when you see a cute puppy. I mean like getting all worked up because someone isn't politically correct.

I read today about how a MLA posted something in his facebook status about girls needing to have more babies or we will never be able to support our future. Now, to me this is a sort of satirical comment, not meant to be anything more than a joke. Of course it wasn't taken that way y another politician who took the comment to mean that MLA whatshisface actually believes that a young woman's only role is to procreate to contribute to the economy. Seriously people, lighten up a little. Yeah, maybe there was a lack of judgement on his behalf to post anything on facebook when you're in a political leadership position, just because of the chance that someone will misconstrue whatyou wrote and use it against you.

Can you imagine the kind of posts Winston Churchill would put up if he had facebook? "Got wasted last night, but have come to realize that the lady really is ugly." or something to that extent maybe. Ok, so Churchill may have been a little to far the other way, but the point is that we need to lay off and stop being so politically correct. You can't say anything now without someone chewing you out about it. Is the day soon coming when the Prime Minister is asked to resign because he wished everyone a "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" in a public address.

Stop worrying about stepping on people's toes unless you're standing on a bus. Cheers.