Like Punching Under Water

Man am I a slacker. I haven't posted since Nov 15, oops! Anyway, here's an update.

 I'm starting to get used to Halifax now. We still don't know anyone, but I've stopped caring. I'm good with it being me and Sarah. We have new landlords now and they're much easier to deal with than Sandra. The apartment is still a little cold, but it seems like they are trying to fix the rads or whatever. So that's that.

 I think I need some more direction for my blog instead of the random musings that tend upon me from time to time. Any ideas? I don't know what I'm asking, it's not like I ever get comments. Early on I was going to make the blog mostly about guitar tips and whatnot, but I don't really have all that many tips. Maybe I can make it more about music in general. Speaking of music, Sarah bought me the new John Mayer album last week. I'm sad to say that I"m not totally in love with it. It feels like blasphemy to say that, but I think John is a little bit off the mark with this one. To be fair, I haven't really had a chance to give it a good listen and sometimes it takes a little bit more to get used to a new sound. He's gone back to a poppier sound again, but I think he left a little too much of his guitar behind. But whatever, he's John freakin' Mayer, he can do whatever the hell he wants at this point.

 On a related note, guess where Sarah and I are going for valentine's day? TORONTO! For what you say? Well to see John Mayer! Yep, pretty much the best valentine's day I could ask for. Music I love and the lady I love. Well that's it for today. I make no promises to blog any more frequently, but here's hoping that I can.

I Really Can't Stay

Ah Sunday morning. Today my lady and I are being heathens and stayed home from church. I know, I know we are horrible people, but we were just so dang tired. Not that we ended up getting anymore sleep than usual. The pipes in our apartment start clanging at 5:30 in the morning, making the most awful racket that no one could sleep through it. After about 10 minutes of this clanging we are able to fall back asleep only to be woken again at just after 10:30 by the Church Bells ringing. Well at that point we had to get out of bed, lest we be roused by construction or something out of sort annoyance. No bother though, we enjoyed a cozy morning on the couch watching Bridget Jones' Diary, drinking hot chocolate with toast, and getting in an all together Christmassy mood. Do you guys realize just how close to Christmas we're getting? I'm aching, nay, yearning to be home for the holidays. I want to sit on my couch and watch a Muppet's Christmas Carol and drink eggnog and have the fire roaring. I want to eat quality street candy at my Nan's house and visit my old pastor and his kids. I want Christmas! Is it too much to ask? My favourite part about christmas is the music. I love jazz, and christmas is pretty music pretty much has to be jazzy because of it's warmth. Baby It's Cold Outside is a great song (Zooey Dechanel does a great rendition of it in ELf). Well here's me starting my countdown to Christmas. T-40days.

Why Why, Tell 'Em That Its Human Nature

Hello fellow bloggers. I've been neglecting my blog as of late, but here I am blogging once again. Man, being dedicated to this thing is hard eh? Anyways, on to the good stuff.

Michael Jackson

Before I start, I am not writing this to say that his life was any more important than anyone else's. In the end he was just another man. I am writing this as I would write about any other musical influence of mine as I have about Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix (stay tuned for John Mayer).

So last night Sarah and I went to see "This Is It." I was very impressed. Michael Jackson was such an amazing performer. He took complete control over the rehearsal and commanded the respect of his dancers, the music director, lighting, all that jazz. So yeah, he may have been a nut job, but damn it he made good music. I'm probably way behind on the honouring or bashing of MJ since his death, but seeing the film made me re-realize how much I love his music. As soon as I got home I picked up my guitar and figured out the melody to Human Nature (my all time favourite MJ song). Granted he hadn't made any new music for a while before he died, but there's no denying that his catalogue of songs is mighty impressive. Throw whatever thoughts out there about his alleged child abuse, eccentric behaviour, cosmetic surgery, whatever... It does not take away from the talent and professionalism of the man when doing what he did best - making an audience sit on the edge of their seat in awe of his stage presence, making us try endlessly to learn how to moon walk, and making us hum/sing Beat It while waiting for the bus. Seriously, who of you out there hasn't tried to moonwalk (or claim that your can moonwalk without ever providing proof)? So here's to you Mike, you weird talented little man. Thanks for the music.