You Give Me The Electric Twist

It's been a few days since I've posting anything and I make no apologies. I don't know if you noticed, but blogging on a regular basis is actually a pretty difficult thing to do. Sarah is doing a fantastic job with her blog, probably because it's themed, whereas mine lacks direction. I have tried to include a few guitar tips, but they have been pretty sparse, so I figured that I would dedicated this blog to the closed-type tuning head.

Pictured below are the open-stlye (top) and closed style (bottom) tuning heads. I can't get them to line up on the page the way I want them to, but oh well.
Embarrassing as it is for me to say, I was unaware that many vintage guitars came stock with an open slotted tuning head. That's right, as much as I pride myself in knowing about guitars I seem to have overlooked the differing styles of tuning heads. This is mostly because I've only had the opportunity to play on guitars with more modern tuning heads. That was until I offered to restring Sarah's cousins guitar. I believe it was and '86 reissue of a '67 strat, but I could be wrong. Anyways, point is that it had old-school Kluson tuning heads like the ones pictured below. I tell ya, I had the damnedest time restringing the friggin' thing because of that. For the life my me I could not keep the strings from slipping out of the slot. With the tunings heads that I'm used to, the closed-type, you simply cut the string a couple of inches above the head you are to string through, place the end in the hole and tighten. This way takes all of five minutes to do. That's why I offered to restring his guitar, I just assumed it had the tuning heads I was used to.

Now, apparently, a lot of guitarist prefer the open-slot tuning head to the more modern style. I think that is mostly because they look cooler. I also discovered (through a quick internet search) that they are much easier to restring than I found them to be. If any of you out there reading my blog has a guitar with the open-slot style tuning head can you please tell me how you find them. Do you find that they don't stay in tune as well as the closed-style? Do you find them difficult to restring? Or do you just think that  they looked freakin' awesome ? I agree with the last point, but I much rather the more modern tuning head any day. Cheers.

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