Let's Get Physical, Physical....

Slow days at work suck. Today I only had two clients - one at 10:00am and one at 12:15pm. While the clients are there time goes by pretty quickly because I get to chat with them, help them with their exercises, or whatever. When I don't have clients it's a whole different story, especially on mondays. Usually I'll have some paperwork to be doing to keep me busy, but on mondays there's never much paperwork or anything like that.

What I've done to help break-up the downtime was design a simple two-day split workout routine. We have this old-school plated exercise machine (something like the one in the picture above) made by what must have been medieval ironsmiths, but it has everything I need for a basic routine. Not having free weights really limits what exercises I can do, but her is my two-day split.

On days 1 and 2 I do a warm-up set (10 reps of about 50-60% of my 1 repetition max (RM)). After a short break I do as many reps as I can of 85-95% of my 1RM, usually between 5-8 reps.

Day 1 - Medium/Heavy - Push Exercises
1. Bench Press
2. Tricep Extension
3. Shoulder Press (military press)
4. Leg Press

Day 2 - Mediam/Heavy - Pull Exercises
1. Lat Pull-Down
2. Seated Rows
3. Bent Rows
4. Bicep Curls
The archaic machine doesn't have anything for a leg pull exercise so I need to find a way to do "good mornings."

I take a break on wednesday then I repeat the split but I lower the intensity to 50-60% 1RM and do 20 reps after a warm-up set.

The theory behind the split and doing medium/heavy exercises in one split while doing light exercises in the next is to build muscular strength and endurance respectively. www.exrx.net has great examples of similar Heavy/Light splits and a plethora of information of any other type of routines and exercises you could want to know about.

The whole routine takes about 30 minutes. Most of the time I'll do one exercises, do some paperwork, do another exercise, do some more work and so on. It really helps break-up my slow days and keep me alert. Anyway, that's it for today. Cheers.

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