Got Yourself A Gun

Ahhhh October. Such a pivotal month in the year. For us Canadians it has thanksgiving, as well as Halloween, the beginning of the NHL and NBA regular season, the MLB playoffs, and apparently national boss day. It also means that applications for physiotherapy schools are out or about to come out. I started filling out the applications for the Ontario schools tonight. filling out the applications isn't too bad, it does make be reminisce about my MUN days though. I loved MUN. What else could one ask for in a university besides dirt cheap tuition and great profs. Ok, so not everyone had great profs, but I did (besides one or two). Some of former classmates may not agree with me, but I very much enjoyed my classes taught by Dr. Basset, I love that tiny french man. Anyway, enough about that. Having to apply for physio schools means that I have to ask for references again. I hate asking people to be references. Wondering if they'll remember me and all that jazz. I think I'll be okay though, I'm fairly confident the people I choose will know who I am and give me a good reference.

I was the trainer for a high school football game today. It was the first football game I've ever been to. It was really freakin' cold. My fingers were so cold that when I had to tape a kids ankle I could barely tear the tape. It sucked. Oh well, it's a little extra cash for me and it wasn't difficult. The physioclinic let me use the company car to travel to the game. The company car is one of those tiny smartcars. Interesting little vehicles they are. I kinda felt like a tool driving it, but it was fun to get to drive again. I really miss having a car, it was so convenient. Anyways, I'm off to watch some Sopranos. Cheers.

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