And I Don't Need Another Kind of Green To Know

Usually I'd be in bed right now catching up on my hectic dream life, but not tonight. No, tonight I am kept up by our neighbours across the street who have a party every night (or so it seems). Usually they aren't bad, but tonight they must have invited some first nations tribe or something over to their house because for the past two hours all I've heard is bongos, tambourines, and random yelling. It's ridiculous. I don't really know what to do in this situation. I don't want to be a narc and call the police. Not that they would know who it was that called or anything, but there's always that stigma about being a tattle-tale. No one likes a tattler. I just can't believe how inconsiderate people can be sometimes. Yeah, so it's a saturday night and you want to have some fun, but seriously, do you have to play drums at 1:30 in the morning? I never had this problem in St. John's. Maybe that's because everyone had the good sense enough to go downtown when things started to liven up like that. I mean I've been to my share of parties, but I don't think we ever broke out some instruments and starting playing in the streets. This is just another strike against Halifax. If this were a game of baseball, Halifax would have stuck-out for me a little while ago. Oh to be at the Bambrick again with the roomies. Watching some hockey, playing video games, ordering pizza. That was the life. Meh, Halifax has some good points I guess, but I'm still looking for that something that will make it feel like home. Hey, looks like the neighbours put away their drums. I'll have to grab this opportunity to go to sleep ASAP. I have to save gotham city, since batman has the swine flu. Cheers.

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