Got Yourself A Gun

Ahhhh October. Such a pivotal month in the year. For us Canadians it has thanksgiving, as well as Halloween, the beginning of the NHL and NBA regular season, the MLB playoffs, and apparently national boss day. It also means that applications for physiotherapy schools are out or about to come out. I started filling out the applications for the Ontario schools tonight. filling out the applications isn't too bad, it does make be reminisce about my MUN days though. I loved MUN. What else could one ask for in a university besides dirt cheap tuition and great profs. Ok, so not everyone had great profs, but I did (besides one or two). Some of former classmates may not agree with me, but I very much enjoyed my classes taught by Dr. Basset, I love that tiny french man. Anyway, enough about that. Having to apply for physio schools means that I have to ask for references again. I hate asking people to be references. Wondering if they'll remember me and all that jazz. I think I'll be okay though, I'm fairly confident the people I choose will know who I am and give me a good reference.

I was the trainer for a high school football game today. It was the first football game I've ever been to. It was really freakin' cold. My fingers were so cold that when I had to tape a kids ankle I could barely tear the tape. It sucked. Oh well, it's a little extra cash for me and it wasn't difficult. The physioclinic let me use the company car to travel to the game. The company car is one of those tiny smartcars. Interesting little vehicles they are. I kinda felt like a tool driving it, but it was fun to get to drive again. I really miss having a car, it was so convenient. Anyways, I'm off to watch some Sopranos. Cheers.

You Give Me The Electric Twist

It's been a few days since I've posting anything and I make no apologies. I don't know if you noticed, but blogging on a regular basis is actually a pretty difficult thing to do. Sarah is doing a fantastic job with her blog, probably because it's themed, whereas mine lacks direction. I have tried to include a few guitar tips, but they have been pretty sparse, so I figured that I would dedicated this blog to the closed-type tuning head.

Pictured below are the open-stlye (top) and closed style (bottom) tuning heads. I can't get them to line up on the page the way I want them to, but oh well.
Embarrassing as it is for me to say, I was unaware that many vintage guitars came stock with an open slotted tuning head. That's right, as much as I pride myself in knowing about guitars I seem to have overlooked the differing styles of tuning heads. This is mostly because I've only had the opportunity to play on guitars with more modern tuning heads. That was until I offered to restring Sarah's cousins guitar. I believe it was and '86 reissue of a '67 strat, but I could be wrong. Anyways, point is that it had old-school Kluson tuning heads like the ones pictured below. I tell ya, I had the damnedest time restringing the friggin' thing because of that. For the life my me I could not keep the strings from slipping out of the slot. With the tunings heads that I'm used to, the closed-type, you simply cut the string a couple of inches above the head you are to string through, place the end in the hole and tighten. This way takes all of five minutes to do. That's why I offered to restring his guitar, I just assumed it had the tuning heads I was used to.

Now, apparently, a lot of guitarist prefer the open-slot tuning head to the more modern style. I think that is mostly because they look cooler. I also discovered (through a quick internet search) that they are much easier to restring than I found them to be. If any of you out there reading my blog has a guitar with the open-slot style tuning head can you please tell me how you find them. Do you find that they don't stay in tune as well as the closed-style? Do you find them difficult to restring? Or do you just think that  they looked freakin' awesome ? I agree with the last point, but I much rather the more modern tuning head any day. Cheers.

Rainy Day Dream Away

I had a really good day at work today. Just enough clients to keep me busy so, but not so many as to overload my schedule. Yesterday I had to stay an hour later than I usually do because one of my clients couldn't get in until five. I did have a very pleasant conversation with the girl that works the front desk in the evening though, so that help the time go by a little quicker.

The last two days I've had to walk in the rain from work to the bus terminal. I really need to invest in an umbrella. I was drenched by the time I got to the terminal, and so was my backpack. It's a good thing I didn't bring my laptop to work today or I probably would have ended up with a water-damaged macbook. I just found out today that Hey Rosetta! will be playing at the paragon theatre here in December and Sarah just booked some tickets for us. I'm super-stoked. I haven't seen them play in a really long time. They freakin' rock. If any of you who read this are from Halifax then you really should go check them out if you haven't heard them before.

Right now I'm listening to A Fine Frenzy's newest album, Bomb in a Birdcage. It's pretty awesome. I love that chick's voice, it makes me so happy. I don't really know why. The song Rangers from her last album is one of my favourite tunes. I'm really digging this album a lot and I've only listened to like three songs. I wish she would make her way here to Halifax so I could check her out live. How bitchin' would that be?

I guess I'm off to get some supper and chill with my lady for the night. Who could ask for more than a chicken burger and my favourite chick? Cheers.

Let's Get Physical, Physical....

Slow days at work suck. Today I only had two clients - one at 10:00am and one at 12:15pm. While the clients are there time goes by pretty quickly because I get to chat with them, help them with their exercises, or whatever. When I don't have clients it's a whole different story, especially on mondays. Usually I'll have some paperwork to be doing to keep me busy, but on mondays there's never much paperwork or anything like that.

What I've done to help break-up the downtime was design a simple two-day split workout routine. We have this old-school plated exercise machine (something like the one in the picture above) made by what must have been medieval ironsmiths, but it has everything I need for a basic routine. Not having free weights really limits what exercises I can do, but her is my two-day split.

On days 1 and 2 I do a warm-up set (10 reps of about 50-60% of my 1 repetition max (RM)). After a short break I do as many reps as I can of 85-95% of my 1RM, usually between 5-8 reps.

Day 1 - Medium/Heavy - Push Exercises
1. Bench Press
2. Tricep Extension
3. Shoulder Press (military press)
4. Leg Press

Day 2 - Mediam/Heavy - Pull Exercises
1. Lat Pull-Down
2. Seated Rows
3. Bent Rows
4. Bicep Curls
The archaic machine doesn't have anything for a leg pull exercise so I need to find a way to do "good mornings."

I take a break on wednesday then I repeat the split but I lower the intensity to 50-60% 1RM and do 20 reps after a warm-up set.

The theory behind the split and doing medium/heavy exercises in one split while doing light exercises in the next is to build muscular strength and endurance respectively. has great examples of similar Heavy/Light splits and a plethora of information of any other type of routines and exercises you could want to know about.

The whole routine takes about 30 minutes. Most of the time I'll do one exercises, do some paperwork, do another exercise, do some more work and so on. It really helps break-up my slow days and keep me alert. Anyway, that's it for today. Cheers.

And I Don't Need Another Kind of Green To Know

Usually I'd be in bed right now catching up on my hectic dream life, but not tonight. No, tonight I am kept up by our neighbours across the street who have a party every night (or so it seems). Usually they aren't bad, but tonight they must have invited some first nations tribe or something over to their house because for the past two hours all I've heard is bongos, tambourines, and random yelling. It's ridiculous. I don't really know what to do in this situation. I don't want to be a narc and call the police. Not that they would know who it was that called or anything, but there's always that stigma about being a tattle-tale. No one likes a tattler. I just can't believe how inconsiderate people can be sometimes. Yeah, so it's a saturday night and you want to have some fun, but seriously, do you have to play drums at 1:30 in the morning? I never had this problem in St. John's. Maybe that's because everyone had the good sense enough to go downtown when things started to liven up like that. I mean I've been to my share of parties, but I don't think we ever broke out some instruments and starting playing in the streets. This is just another strike against Halifax. If this were a game of baseball, Halifax would have stuck-out for me a little while ago. Oh to be at the Bambrick again with the roomies. Watching some hockey, playing video games, ordering pizza. That was the life. Meh, Halifax has some good points I guess, but I'm still looking for that something that will make it feel like home. Hey, looks like the neighbours put away their drums. I'll have to grab this opportunity to go to sleep ASAP. I have to save gotham city, since batman has the swine flu. Cheers.