Standing Here Freezin', Inside Your Golden Garden

My apartment is freezing! The radiators aren't working and I've called the landlord a couple times now, but she's never there. I've left messages, but she isn't responding. We're going to have to start using our fireplace soon if she doesn't get back to me. We're not really allowed because of insurance, but I'm damn cold. Seriously, my fingers are stiff and it's a little difficult to type, obviously I'm still able to, but that's not really the point. Anyone know how to fix a rad? or turn it back on at least.

My StayFurniture grippers finally came in the mail today. I'll keep you (and by you I mean Laura, since you're my only follower) posted.


  1. Brandon,

    Get a hit counter on your site (if you don't already have one) and you'll quickly find that I am NOT your only follower. :) Trust me, you probably have more lurkers than you think!

  2. I have a hit counter, but I feel that half the hits are just me checking in on things.