Short Skirt and Long Jacket

I have inspired my girlfriend to start a blog! Actually, a combination of modcloth/shopping/fashion has inspired her to start a blog, but I'm happy to take credit. Of course, hers will not be as insightful or interesting as mine, but that's to be expected. You know what sucks, she'll probably get more hits then I ever will because it's fashion focused and she's a much better writer than me. I can accept that, I can jump higher than her so there.

Speaking of jumping, Michael Jordan was just inducted into the basketball hall of fame. Real shocker right? I mean, 6 championships, the highest scoring average of all time, most points in a single playoff game, 14 time all-star, 5 time NBA MVP, 3 time all-star MVP, rookie of the year, nine time all-defensive first team, defensive player of the year, 10 time al-NBA first team, 1 time all-NBA second team, and two-time olympic gold medalist. There's even more than that. The man was sick. Anyone who thinks Lebron will be the next Jordan will be disappointed. Don't get me wrong, he's a fantastic player, but I just don't see him acheiving that kind of greatest. He will probably break the all-time scoring record, but only because Jordan retired twice and broke his leg early in his career. Care to argue if he'll be better?

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