She Works Hard For Her Money, So You Better Treat Her Right

This Friday will mark my first full day at work on my own. That's right, training will be over and I will have actual clients. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous about it. In theory I know exactly what I have to do, heck most of it is pretty simple. Designing an exercise program for someone with a shoulder injury, pfft, no problem. Functional assessments, nothing to it. What I'm worried about is all the timeline stuff with the Worker's Compensation Board and all the tiers of claims and motor vehicle accident stuff. But, like any new job, all that stuff will get easier with time.

You know what I love about the job? I pretty much get to pick my own hours, and I get all weekends off. I just have to fill 40 hours from monday-friday. I can work 9-5 everyday if I want, or 12-8, or... you get the picture. Sometimes I will have to come in a bit earlier or leave a bit latter to accommodate the clients schedule, but whatever, it's the best hours I could ask for from a job. It definitely beats working from 5:30-12:30 at the theatre, except now I don't get free movies.

One thing about being a Kinesiologist that sucks though are the fees for different certifications. I have to keep my First Aid up-to-date and renew my CPR annually to keep my CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) certificate- all of which cost varying amounts of cash, CPT being the most expensive. Also, with the clinic I'm required to be a CKA (Canadian Kinesiology Alliance) member, which cost me $78 to apply, $75 for insurance (2 million dollar policy) and a membership fee, which is quite hefty as well. Oh well, those are the brakes I guess. At least I get a discount at certain stores and info about conferences and stuff with the CPT and CKA. Yay for savings and continuing education. Cheers.

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