Raise Your Glass And Drink WIth Me To That Island In The Sea

So I haven't posted in a couple of days, but I'm not apologizing. I don't really have that much interesting going on right now. Work is going good. There's a lot of downtime between clients, which means I've been doing a lot of reading. I found this website, www.exrx.net . It's pretty great. There are loads of examples of exercises, tips for a bunch of different things, articles, basically a whole website full of things to interest a kinesiologist such as myself. I'm not going to lie though, the downtime is a little rough, makes the day seem longer than it actually is. There is gym equipment right next to me, so when I get a little bit bored I do a quick workout and that seems to help me keep my energy up. I also designed this tracking sheet. Well, I didn't so much design it as I improved on the template. Ah the powers of Microsoft excel. I love macs, but the Microsoft office suite is definitely something that they got right.

It was really foggy here this morning when I got up to go to work and it made me think of St. John's. Yes, Halifax does apparently get just as much fog as SJ, but I don't care. Not only did it remind me of St. John's, but it also reminded me of going fishing with my pop in his old punt. I miss doing that. I don't think that I've been out in a row boat fishing since pop died. After he had his stroke he used to get me or my brother, or one of my cousins to go out fishing with him a lot. When he started to get tired from rowing he would say, "grab the oars and I'll learn you how to row." Never one to admit that he was getting tired, he turned it into a lesson. Of course, he and I both knew that it wasn't a lesson, I had been going out in boat with him for years, so rowing the boat wasn't anything new to me. I asked him one time after he had his stroke how did he row the boat since he couldn't move his left hand so well. The way I had it figured he would just row around in a circle because his right arm was stronger than his left. He just told me that he doesn't pull as hard with his other arm. Simple answer huh? I really miss pop sometimes. I spent so much time with him when I was growing up. Camping, fishing, setting snares, playing cards, everything. Anyways, I got a little of track there, it was foggy and I missed home today. Cheers.

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