I'm The Blood Stain On Your Shirt Sleeve

Halifax was starting to look pretty good up until yesterday. I found myself a good job, got some groceries, bought the new batman game. Yep, things were looking up. Then we went to see a movie at Bayers Lake. Man what a drag. The movie itself (Jennifer's Body) was pretty good, but getting to and from Bayers Lake in the night time is horrible. We ended up getting a cab there because either the bus we got to the shopping center where we were to catch route 52 to Bayers Lake was really late or the route 52 didn't come. Had to spend $15 on the cab because of that. Funny how that kind of thing can ruin a place for you. Ok, so it really wasn't that big a of deal, except it was really cold out and the bus ride home was super long, but it made me miss how simple St. John's is. For starters, the movie theatre in the avalon mall gets all the movies and it's only a few minutes from where I used to live. Also, getting downtown, although sometimes annoying because the route 10 was notoriously late, was relatively easy and you always knew where to go to find a good show (like Chris Kirby every second Wednesday at the Fat Cat). Whatever, Halifax really isn't that bad, I'm just still getting used to it I guess. It doesn't help that I'm pretty broke, but that's neither here nor there.

I guess this blog entry was a bit whiney. Next one will be more chipper. This week will be good, I can feel it.


  1. Craig wants to live in Halifax one day. For some reason he thinks it's like the greatest place ever. Personally, I think St. John's > Halifax.